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"-The best I have heard!"
Now in Scandinavia! Belden 89259 , a sensation in Teflon.

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In stock again!  Belden 89259
Ready-made RIAA preamp. High quality!
Download FREE cartridge alignment tool!
On demand! Belden low level cables! complete with connectors.
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Belden 89259 as  loudspeaker cable!
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Welcome to Stefan Lidström  audio, here you can find everything for the interested "Audiophile" , articles, tips & tricks, schematics, components, kits, ready-made and used equipment. 

These pages will only refer to equipment with (in my opinion) sound quality in the absolute top class. Price, looks, technical data or other irrelevant factors will not be discussed. 

I normally work as a designer of computers and other advanced digital electronics at  Tanker AB, my goal is to keep the "Audio business" as a spare time project not to interfere with my "real" job as a designer. 

  • To be able to give fast answers I hope you will contact me at the e-mail address stefan.lidstrom@tanker.se -I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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